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Strategic Growth Plan

Growth Programs

Revenue & Profit Optimization 

The Path to Revenue Growth Shouldn’t Be So Hard

And failing to lead your team to the next level will cost you… 

You’ll waste money on programs that don’t work

Your customer relationships will suffer

Your programs won’t get funded

You’ll lose top talent

Your competitors will take over your market share

You won’t meet your revenue goals

REVENUE+ adds capabilities, empowers your sales team, grows digital outreach and delivers faster EBITDA gains.

This highly customized approach will increase confidence in your company’s growth strategy.


REVENUE+ Growth Story

See how the CEO of a safety apparel manufacturer achieved transformational growth results by mobilizing his team around the REVENUE+ platform.

Dorn has helped clients generate over $2B in incremental revenue (within the last 10 years)

REVENUE+ Gives You the Blueprint for Success

Here are the steps we’ll take to grow your revenue

Strategic Growth Plan

Turn your market data into insights that drive your revenue growth strategies.

Growth Programs

Develop revenue-generating campaigns with an experienced team to maximize performance.

Revenue & Profit Optimization 

Exceed your ROI goals with campaign monitoring, incremental optimization and continued enhancement.

There’s a Lot to Gain from REVENUE+

Increased Revenue &
Market Share

Greater Capabilities

Faster Results

Execute programs that will
grow your businesss

Improve your digital reach and empower sales techniques

Increase performance optimization
for quicker ROI

What you get with REVENUE+

Revenue Growth Plan

Program Creation & Optimization

Team Development




Program development & execution

Internal capability & process enrichment

Growth planning workshop

Ongoing program management and optimization

Prioritized matrix of growth opportunities

Knowledge transfer



Leverage digital systems capabilities

Digital systems & capability analysis

Hands-on training

Market intelligence

Audience profile enrichment 

On-going coaching

Performance driven dashboarding 

Customer analysis and buyer journey insights

Cross-functional growth team

Agile program operations


Tailored revenue growth plan ready for implementation


Professional development and systems utilization


In-market programs & optimization

REVENUE+ in Action

40% Growth: Winning Market Share

300% Growth: Product Innovation

20% CAGR:
New Market Penetration

Upon losing market share, Unirac utilized Revenue+ to outpace competition in customer acquisition and wallet share gains. Resulting in 40% revenue growth. 

Game-changing product innovation was unable to gain market traction until Wilton deployed Revenue+ to build market demand and sell-through effectiveness. Revenue growth skyrocketed by 300%.

Unable to compete with premium products against lower-priced alternatives, GP Pro leveraged Revenue+ to change the selling conversation and win mindshare. Resulting in consecutive YoY revenue growth of over 20%.  

What Growth Leaders are Saying About REVENUE

“Dorn has helped our teams build a scalable foundation for growth and set of capabilities that are enabling Unirac to capture a defensible leadership position in our market.”

“Dorn helped us align our teams and activities to effectively change the conversation with our channel partners and end-users. It is no small coincidence we are experiencing our best year ever.”

Peter Lorenz

CEO, Unirac

Ben Wulf

CEO, Portacool

“We set out to redefine new product launches at an organizational level to more effectively capture return on invested capital. The results set a new standard for our product, marketing and sales teams.”

“Dorn’s expertise helped our team accelerate and amplify adoption of our products in a new market.”

Stephen Laratta

VP Industrial Supply, Georgia-Pacific Professional

Robert Varzino

GM, JPW Industries

Getting REVENUE+ for Your Business is Easy




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Watch your revenue grow

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Your program will focus on ROI and quickly making an impact on your business 

Our team will work directly with your team to execute your new strategy

Get a closer look at how growth leaders elevate their revenue strategies to win market share.

As a result of a changing world, customers throughout the manufacturing industry are interacting and purchasing more through virtual channels. See how the Revenue+ approach can guide your business towards a new, agile strategy for growth and success.

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